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About Kevin Coleman

State Rep. Kevin Coleman (age 40) is serving his third term representing the city of Wayne and the majority of the city of Westland with this being his first in the newly created 25th House District. Also included in the new 25th House District are portions of Canton and Dearborn Heights. He is a graduate of Western Michigan University, attended the Lee Honors College and is a former member of the Westland City Council.

While on the Westland City Council, Coleman fought to provide additional resources and increase the number of much-needed public safety personnel in both the police and fire departments and increase government transparency. Coleman is dedicated to making sure that government is providing the best service possible to the public and holding public officials to a high standard of ethics.

Prior to seeking public office, Coleman spent several years working in the community on the Westland Festival Committee and the Westland Veterans Association. As a state representative, he looks forward to continuing his work on public safety, criminal justice reform and government transparency.


Elections Start Time

On November 7, 2023, the people of Westland will decide the next Mayor of Westland.
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Coleman for Mayor

  Campaign Platform 

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Safe Neighborhoods For All
Improve City Services
Public Safety
Senior Services
Increase Business Investment
Veteran Services
Westland Mall
Westland Recreation Center


Thank You For Your Support

If we want a brighter future for Westland we have to fund public safety, lower the high cost of living for retirees, and protect middle class jobs. As your next Mayor, I will show up, work hard, and never quit when it comes to improving our community. I want to work for everyone in Westland, and our entire community as a whole. Please consider donating to our campaign, volunteering by telling your neighbors to vote August 8th, displaying a yard sign, or signing up to help us make phone calls. Thanks for your trust and I look forward to continuing to work hard for you at City Hall!
-Kevin Coleman


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